Raising funds to pay for the terrace improvement

We give it all and 8 years after our Yoga Terrace fall down!

Immediate Action is Required NOW!

We need your support NOW!

Immediate Action is Required NOW!

Raising funds to pay for the terrace improvement

Casa Yoga Minca are currently raising funds to pay for the improvement of their terrace. The goal is to create a safer, nicer, and more comfortable space for their visitors. We're in need of funds to cover the labor costs required for this project.
By supporting Casa Yoga, you can make a valuable impact for support our small project like part of the globally planetary process of evolution of consciousness.

Attention Dear Friend Casa Yoga Needs Your Support 🆘

Do you remember us?
We are a yogi family Alex and Katya from Russia. We have two children, 12 (Savva) and 4 years old (Ivan). We live in Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta since 2011.
Casa Yoga Minca is our holistic project based on permaculture and dharma, a non-profit social project
This project was created with the intention to developing and evolving human consciousness in terms of: Mind, Body, Emotion & Spirit alignment.

Our Yoga Shala started with a blessing: a donation from one of our volunteers.

Today we received another blessing, we were given new wooden planks to improve our space.

However, we are still needing we are still needing assistance to pay some of our costs, including the labor of the amazing workers that are working really hard behind the scenes (transforming it into a more sacred space🪄)

Today we truly need your help.

We are halfway there. We are only requiring $7 million pesos COP (around 2.000 dollars) more to finish it.

With your support you are also paying in advance for your Stay, for Workshops, Retreats, enjoying our Yoga Shala, etc.

Each 100 dollars can be accumulated or redeemable for however you wanna use them during your stay in Casa Yoga Minca.

We will be pleased to have your energy here, and share our lifestyle and knowledge with you.

Thanks for helping our project to grow and expand.


March 4th, 2024

Day 1

With our last Yoga class, we said goodbye to our old terrace floor, a great ally in our path, helping us to receive and accompany the process of more than 8 thousand people.

It is our great hope that the seed we once sowed in you will germinate with abundance and generosity in these moments of restructuring and renewal for Casa Yoga Minca.

This day we also launched the communication through our social networks, that in the next two weeks, while the renovation of the floor of the Yoga terrace is being carried out, guided meditations will be held in the forest, within the territory of Casa Yoga Minca.

We believe it is important to inform you that this construction is complicated. Normally you start from the ground with the bases (from the bottom up); in this case, since the roof is already built, it is required to make the change from the top down, which implies more effort, more work, more time and an increase in the labor costs.

March 5th, 2024

Day 2

All the old soil was removed. New foundations were poured. We modified the website, adding the donation project campaign with Paypal. We were thrilled when we received our first donation of 100 USD (-6% commission 🙁).

March 6th, 2024

Day 3

We continued building the bases.
We recorded a video and made a reel for Instagram. We were very happy to feel very supported by several alumni and friends, we received $344 USD more through Paypal, and new donations through Nequi with a value of 732.000 cop.

Thank you all for your support.

March 7, 2024

Day 4

Another blessing comes to us, two donations of $100. We brought all the materials, but as in all construction there is always something missing. Not everything is rosy, in the evening we receive the notification from hostinger that our annual license has expired. Now we have to renew it (- 358,000 COP).

March 8, 2024

Day 5

As a great gift for Katharina for women's day, the support beams are placed in the construction.

We are very motivated and grateful for a new donation of $200 USD via www.gogetfunding.com (-10% commission 🙁).

March 11, 2024

Day 6

We started with full energy a new week, after a weekend of rest (almost mandatory 😅). We did another meditation in the forest. The perseverance shows us that it is easier and easier to meditate with nature; we feel a greater connection and depth in the practice.

We are experiencing a new challenge, some people are canceling their reservations because they cannot do yoga - specifically. We want to clarify that we took this decision to restructure as a preventive act for the future, anticipating any possible event that could be detrimental to the health and well-being of our students. We are aware of the implications of these changes, so being responsible and consistent with our values, we were compelled to return the money received in the months of January and February for the March reservations, to certain dissatisfied guests. It should be highlighted that this represents a setback at this time, so we ask for your understanding and empathy.

Additionally, we would like to remind you that all invested resources can be recovered with classes, or stay at Casa Yoga for 1 year, until March 4, 2025.

Summary: $973 USD (about 3.500.000 COP) and 732.000 COP

Total: 4,232,000 COP out of 7,000,000 COP

Costos de construcción


2000 Tablones de Madera de eucalipto (10cm x 2cm x 1m) - DONACIÓN
12 bolsas de concreto - 456.000 cop
2m de arena - 260.000 cop
2m de grava - 200.000 cop
10 varillas ⅜ - 200.000 cop-
alambre de 2 kilos - 36.000 cop
7 varillas 1/4 - 112.000 cop
3000 tornillos - 160.000 cop
10 cajas de puntillas - 150.000
8 varillas roscadas 3/8 - 96.000 cop
100 tuercas y arandelas - 20.000 cop
3 frascos de imunizante para madera - 72.000 cop
10 discos para cortar hierro - 50.000 cop
2 galones de pintura de esmalte negro - 160.000 cop
1 galon de tiner - 20.000 cop
10 brocas ⅛ - 80.000 cop
puntos de estrellas - 25.000 cop
38 listones 4x9x3m - 1.900.000 cop
4 listones de hierro - 480.000 cop
16 barras de 6m de bambú quindiana - 384.000 cop
1 galon de aceite de teca - 200.000 cop
Papel de lija para suelos de 5 m. - 100.000 cop
3 barriles para encofrado - 150.000

4 viajes x 150.000 cop - 600.000 cop

Costos adicionales:
1.000.000 cop

$5.000.000 cop

COSTO TOTAL: 11.911.000 COP


Oscar Prieto
Peter Mathis y Sara de Casa Yoga Bregenz
Maxim Nogotkov
Simon Quarmby
James Seller
John Edinson
Nikolaus Soral
Thalia Campo Lozano
Natalia Erazo
Estefanía Reyes
Lucero Papanikolopoulos
Greicy Cuello
Jimena Cruz
Yadira Patricia Gallo
Jorge Bonadeo
Flavio von Rickenbach
Juan David Naranjo

Joye Simpson